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Comprehensive Renovation

Our extensive experience of over 30 years in the sector has enabled us to become a company of reference in the comprehensive renovation sector. We actively participate in all the stages of the project to provide a high quality service to our clients.

New Construction

We provide all the necessary services to build new constructions with the best price and quality conditions. We study and advise our clients on all the processes.

Own in-house carpentry workshop

At CIME we have a big advantage compared with the rest of the companies in the sector, as we have our own carpentry/cabinetmaking workshop. This means we can work on projects as a whole and guarantee high-end finishes and competitive prices.


We provide a turnkey service so clients have the opportunity to contract their whole project, in this way giving them: peace of mind, ease, reduction of timelines and control of all the work processes through one sole company. In some cases, we adapt to our clients’ needs and can carry out partial jobs, working pro-actively with other companies directly hired by the client.


Our technical office knows about current legislation and we work to remain up-to-date in this aspect at all times. This allows us to execute unique works where a series of formalities must be done to obtain or update the environmental permit that our clients need to perform their activity.